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A Note from the artist, Vicki Lang:

My hobby of adapting internet images into some art stuff has been made possible thanks to generous photographers who uploaded to free-share web sites like Pexels, pixabay, and unsplash, and to mankind for inventing the internet, digital cameras, and computers, and to God for our photogenic planet.

Is it really art when my canvas is a photograph, my tools are two computer programs Procreate and Photoshop, and this web site is my gallery? Shouldn't the photographer get most of the credit? Yes, so I am calling my new hobby “ARTography”.

Just as we freely received, we now regift someARTstuff book markers, Valentines, Serenity posters, and prints, for your viewing pleasure, for internet sharing, for printing and giving away, but please, not for selling to make a profit. Thanks.


the artist team of Vicki and her IT guy, Jim Lang

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